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Child Development Assessment Scale 0 to 5 years old (CDAS)

Child Development Assessment Scale 0 to 5 years old (CDAS)


The CDAS website

Please, visit the CDAS website for more information on the tool.

What is the CDAS?

The Child Development Assessment Scale (CDAS) is a tool used to assess the development of young children aged 0 to 5 years on three dimensions: cognitive/language, motor and social-emotional. This tool is simple to use, inexpensive, reliable and has very good psychometric features. To encourage optimal, appropriate use of the CDAS, the CLIPP also offers practitioners a one-day training session that provides a combination of theory, audio-visual presentations, discussion and question periods as well as hands-on exercises. This training session enables early childhood practitioners to become familiar with the kit’s material as well as with the instructions for administering it. The session also helps to gain a better grasp of both the concepts and the ethical issues surrounding the use of the CDAS.


  • User guide
  • Vignette booklet
  • Material required for the assessment
  • USB drive : including the scoring checklists and a video presentation

Replacement material (in case of breakage or loss)

In case of breakage or loss of items in the kit, you can obtain replacement material from the CLIPP. These items were specifically selected by the authors of the CDAS tool and must be identical to the originals otherwise it might affect the scientific reliability of the results.

Correction tool

An Excel program facilitating the calculation of results is available free of charge. This program allows you to calculate a child’s age at the time of the assessment (taking prematurity into account) and thereby determine which scoring checklist you should use. The program compiles the results when the assessment is completed, adjusts where necessary and indicates where the child is situated in each of the assessed areas.


See the training contents


For questions about ordering material or about the CDAS tool, please contact:

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